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Jake's Bible Jake's Bible

Rated 4 / 5 stars

vera icon

when ever you have ago at depicting J. n stuff you add (n subtract ? {is any publicity bad publicity... ...}) to his 'image'... you follow in the Great Western Tradition!

some of the laughs a bit cheap, , free infact!! ermmmm.... further ,, i thought your 'live from golgotha' scene was a bit funny,,, and i know that you strayed from 'the King James' a bit, but legend has it that it was veronica with the handy hanky,, ... perhaps from ''vera icon' - ("the true image'' in latin...) besides, i reckon as an ex pro, cool enough to hang with the radical apostle crew, Mary Mag would have been foxier - i imagine her in a... hmmm i'll leave that there...

your drawing was only adequate,, maybe some bits could be pacier... but your ambitious direction was fine!

CREATE MORE! , if 'he' exists, thats in his image...

Stage Fright Stage Fright

Rated 4 / 5 stars

theatre goers beware pychokinesistasticpyrot...

sad little storey,, but i liked it. fear turns to hate and it all burned down. i hope i never watch a play with a pychokinesistaticpyrotechnian in a lead role. is that how its spelT?

thanks,, oh and your drawing throughout was fine too.

Fun With Fire Fun With Fire

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

a gas

nice breaking sequences,,, loved the celestial petrol jar presentation scene... liked your varied tunes throughout...
some of the sequences may have been a little slow but we got to the end fine. Your naration was clear and well delivered,, you told the tale well,, fair mythologising,, next time i put petrol on a fire i'll use a plastic bottle!

Dynamite's A-Bomb Dynamite's A-Bomb

Rated 3 / 5 stars


i'm not a fan of the genre,,, any longer,,, but you used the personages wellish,, the film on total was nicely put together if a little jerky,,, but a whole movie none the less. And i liked your ickle message. fair

And M16's to the people! And M16's to the people!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

dry,,, point made.... well written.

your film put accross your point nicely,,, pure propogation... nice use of device cliche... nicely delivered... nicley drawn... guns are 'weapons', designed to inflict injury/death... you press and they inflict... made easy. people wanting to 'inflict' on others in 'civilian' world can use airliners... gases... this takes much planning,,, cars, buses or trains might be easier but it seems only pros use these 'practical' methods... my guess is they just don't feel right, wrong aesthetic... feelings drive.... its the gun that has the desirable aesthetic of the 'crazed expression' (?).... guns make killing easy,, evan attractive... glamourous... heroic... villianous... which ever.... ( like the glamour of cigarettes in movies... war/ violence 'porn'(?) is undeniable, and guns have that 'chique' like it or not {glamour and conflict go back for ever...horns... muscles... knights in shining armour... big hats and fancy uniforms... cool cowboys} if stillettos were banned there'd be no holes in peoples wooden floors... i don't think the culprits would go round with a small hammer doing the same damage.... no guns, no easy, glamourous way to inflict on others... fashion hmmmm.... "the freedom to bare arms".... orrrrr! its nothing to do with guns... it's about the right to wear t-shirts!!

some humour on an other wise somberly perverted daily new grounds surf... new grounds.... hmmm. thanks for your film. i also enjoyed cartoons on your site... you've nice moves, a little dry for my envy, but very pro.

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LoZ - The Final Link LoZ - The Final Link

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

the experienced swordman's run-in...

alright, so i admit, this kind of thing leaves me cold and yawning.... but it was nice to see your making of, interesting,,, thanks for that... ps i don't really mind, in fact it gave me a smirk,,, but your heroes hero hero run-in to the fight and there after was that of a 'ninny'... i'm all up for the slighty gay efeminate hero type thrashing the demons... nicely subversive,,, and glad you are too,,, seems obvious to me those fellas poblies get more experience with sword play....

LeviFolds responds:

heh - he did run kinda gay there in the beginning - sort of 'fairy' like...i admit it, but 'link' isnt the manliest of heros is he now ?

Over Under Sideways Down. Over Under Sideways Down.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

beans means top style

those back grounds looked smashing,,, the tracing worked well but i thought it worked best when your charchters face was most cartoony... desparate danny... like in yout promo pick.... maybe i wanted a cleaner trace... but again architectural backdrops were great... phasing in and out from figure to abstarction... and i liked your use of colour... not an obvious pallet but very beansey... all told you've made a really nice pop video there,,, with a nice independent storey... nice one... and for third time that interior subjecty abstacty thing was paired down great.

Forces Of Nature Forces Of Nature

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

fat and fresh.

great little film... that storey just kept riggling. i couldn't tell where it was gonna go...the sex appeal of pollution and the spell under which it corrupts the innosence of (our) nature... why was water sad? and tree so mishcievous? and stone cool? think you drew-felt them out just right,,,and those questions kept my mind active and gave a good emotional character dynamic... so as when dirty miss polution turns up you really got the notion of possible competition between the boys (obviously their tricks helped this along).... if i was gonna give any critisim... the red birdy was a little devicive which,, you needed to introduce the factory into paradise but it seemed a little clumpsey... maybe the bird sequence just needed to happen a bit quicker so's i had less time to notice its deviciveness... and some of the cuts seemed to jar a bit... but your film was a smashin little parable with delightful dualities,,, very fresh and filling,, thanks

Diary of William Ostler Diary of William Ostler

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good departure

definately a film greater than all its bits,, and a coup for you for getting it out so modesty and yet effectivley... your film didn't really look very nice... and the blue sunglassed muppet....hmmm,,, and your crappy diary sketches... hammy victorian naration... but you've infected the word in me,,, for ever?.. diary like a factory... rehearing the sounds of words is such a nice way construct new meanings and corrupt old ones...

t3h-m4tt responds:

Hey, he is kind of like a muppet... which is high praise, as far as I'm concerned.

Tinman Tinman

Rated 4 / 5 stars

more-rose.(ses) for fatter feelering?

very competent film and i'm full of praise for you in creating a new film... your graphics adequately expressive. i found it morose as you intended. but i think i found the music over powering in a way that didn't complement the pictures... it side lined them a bit. i also felt your storey didn't 'self-contrast' sufficeintly to stretch its potential emotive hit... it kept in the low sulk... a deep hit sure... but stretch me up and thwong me back down... upon installing the self made heart did our hero experience the emotions you flashed or merely see the words... and in that sense did we with him? i mean he seemed to be experiencing emotion throughout the entire movie... i.e. sadness,, emptiness,,, a lack of positive emotion sure,,, with the heart he gets to glimse at least to the existence of the words denoting the positive emotions yet concludes they're nothing... or worthless,,, and again FEELS empty and collapses back... which is an interesting insight into a depression,,, i think you could have animated more than words in the flashing newly installing heart emotions... or maybe evan simply changed your font styles... just to give a little stronger contrast... .... i think this could have fattened the film... but as it was it was interesting and pretty well done... got me writing and thinking,,, sos if i've been overly critical but you've had plenty all positive reviewing to gratfify.... thanks.

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BlackmarketKraig responds:

Regarding the question of whether or not the robot is experiencing said emotions as he installs the heart; I submit that he is now aware of what those emotions are and what they represent/feel like.

Yeah, now I wish I had animated what the emotions are like rather than written them out... as AloneintheDark suggested previously. It would have bulked up the movie in length and content... oh well, no point in sulking about it now. ^_^

But, thanks for the constructive criticism. Seriously, if no one tells the truth than no one will ever improve, right?